I don’t care what you say, it’s impossible to make delicious Caramel Slices without condensed milk and as far as I’m concerned, vegans have gone too long without.

Nestlé has launched their Plant-Based Condensed Milk Alternative which is made with rice and oat flour!

It’s not just for vegans, the plant-based alternative is perfect for people trying to avoid eating dairy too.

The company has launched a whole range of vegan baking recipes (brownies, cheesecake, key lime pie) that you can use your condensed milk which you can find here

Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said: “We know some people struggle to find the right ingredients to replicate even the simplest of dairy free recipes, so we’re excited to see home bakers use this new product as an easy solution for their sweet creations.”

“With at-home baking and plant-based diets on the rise across the country, we are excited to introduce a tasty alternative to sweetened condensed milk for Aussies who enjoy a sweet treat as much as a plant-based diet.”

You’ll be able to grab a can from most supermarkets across the nation from May and they’re going for only $3.99 a tin.