A tavern in the Northern Territory has come up with an unorthodox addition to their cocktail list.

Clearly drunk on its own power, the Berry Springs Tavern has unveiled the Soy Sauce and Grey Goose Martini – complete with dim sim garnish.

The drink was inspired by a recent crackdown on liquor laws in the Top End, where grocery stores without a liquor licence may have to remove products with traces of alcohol – like soy sauce – from their shelves.

“I mean, what do we do? Do we just say to our customers, ‘sorry, we no longer sell soy sauce’? Katie Baker, who runs an unlicensed shop in Alice Springs, recently told the ABC.

“Where do we draw the line? I mean, do we sell our nail polish remover through the bottle shop? And our hand wash through the bottle shop?

“What happens if you’re on the banned drinkers register? Does that mean you can no longer buy soy sauce?” she said.

So now you can understand why Berry Springs thought it be only appropriate that soy sauce was added to their bar.


The concoction cocktail is made with Grey Goose vodka shaken with soy sauce, sesame oil and Sriracha hot sauce, topped off with a delicious fried dim sim. Of course, this is 2019, so there is a vegetarian and gluten-free version too.

However, despite a two-for-one special, it’s understood that no one has ordered it.


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