If you’re an ice cream fan, you’re a Golden Gaytime fan, it really is that simple.

And if you’re a Golden Gaytime fan, you might have noticed that they have become harder and harder to get a hold of one.

Not just Golden Gaytimes either, you might have noticed that it’s been harder to pick up a Magnum, a Cornetto, a Paddle Pop… even a Bubble o’ Bill.

Peters, the company who makes ice creams like Drumsticks and Maxibon has been accused of preventing competing ice creams – like Golden Gaytimes – from being distributed.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is looking into claims that Peters has a contract with a refrigerated trucking company that prevents them from delivering rival ice cream brands.

Which is also why you never see a Drumstick and Cornetto in the same room.

Who knew ice cream was such a brutal business.

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