If there was ever a time to get out and support your favourite local business or try that place you always walk past, now is the time to do so. Our community needs to band together and chip in wherever possible so we can all land on our feet and move forward from these extraordinary times. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has received the message… at least over the Tasman.

As New Zealand’s restrictions have become eased, local businesses are able to get back to what they do best – and in the Miann Fort Street Patisserie’s case, that means making delicious desserts!

Another industry is back in action too – influencers. The glamazons of Instagram are ready to promote products and have apparently hammered the Auckland store with requests for free stuff in return for a post on their social media.

Miann Fort Street simply wasn’t having it and hit back with a post, and damn, it packs a punch.


“Dear influencer,” the post reads.

“Before you send that email asking us to ‘collab’ with you in return for free products to post on your social pages. Please stop for a second, and think.

“Think about the Restaurateurs, food producers that have had ZERO income for a month, the possibility of 50% drop in revenue for the next few months. Think about the PEOPLE whom you are asking for stuff for free from, to boost your own profile.

“We are all trying to SUSTAIN our businesses through rocky waters. It’s time for YOU to bring VALUE to your LOCAL BUSINESS and go order some goof from your favourite places, PAY FOR IT, POST IT, FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. YOU JUST HELPED A SMALL BUSINESS!”


The caption on the post also read, “Up to 6 requests today for ‘collabs’. If I get anymore it’s name and shame time. Jog the f**k on ‘influencers’ #lostmyfilter.” This shop isn’t playing!


We’re not 100% sure when we’ll finally be able to visit our favourite cafes and restaurants, but when we can, we definitely need to purchase the products!