The one thing that’s blowing up online at the moment is various hacks and recipes for the popular kitchen appliance, the air fryer.

And while we’ve seen delicious things like caramello koala pastries and the perfect pork crackling made using the device, we’ve now officially found our favourite recipe of all!

Introducing the cheesy, bacon COB LOAF made using the trusty air fryer! You are damn welcome!

The recipe has done the rounds on Facebook according to Daily Mail recently, featuring  bacon onion and lots of cheese, held inside that crunchy, edible, bread bowl.

One person showed off their creation with a photo, and that melted cheese is enough to get us drooling!














“Made my first air fryer cheese and bacon cob – so much better than the over!” the person said alongside their pics.

And it sounds super simple to replicate if you wish! (And boy do we wish!)


“I used the 3.2 litre air fryer, cooked for five minutes on 180 [degrees Celsius], took out and mixed and cooked for another five minutes on 170 [degrees]”

Of course, it doesn’t matter what filling you use for your cob, the fact that you can cook it so quickly in just 10 minutes is amazing!

“Oh my god, I had no idea you can make a co in the fryer,” someone commented on the Facebook post.

“There is nothing this machine can’t do,” another added. “This idea would be perfect for camping!”

If you want this specific cob loaf recipe for your air fryer, here’s what you’ll need according to the Facebook post on the group Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia.

250g cream cheese
160g cream
160g sour cream
1 1/2 cup grated cheese
200g diced bacon
small onion diced
small handful shallots
salt and pepper


Cook the onion and bacon first before mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Prepare your cob by cutting the top off it and pull all the bread out.

Pour the mixture into the cob loaf and cook in the air fryer for five minutes on 180 degrees Celsius. Take it out and give the filling a mix before cooking for another five minutes on 170 degrees Celsius.

And voila! You’re done! We’re DEFINITELY trying this for our next gathering (or just for ourselves to eat at home…)

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