An attempt to stop students at a Perth school from being able to bring cupcakes and lolly bags to celebrate their birthday has fallen on the community’s pitchforks.

Arbor Grove Primary School had sent out a letter to parents saying the celebratory snacks would no longer be allowed due to “health and cultural reasons”.

Those who brought in the unhealthy food items would reportedly have it confiscated and returned to at the end of the day.

However, after community and ministerial backlash, the “ill-thought out” move has been scrapped.

The West reported that parents were fuming over the proposed ban, which they complained went “too far”.

“It’s a bit over the top that’s for sure,” one parent reportedly said.

“Perhaps they will get rid of the Easter hat parade and Christmas carols, too,” said another.


Other comments included:

“Why didn’t they ask the parents to vote?”

“So, it’s okay to sell soft drinks at a school disco for fundraising but not ok to bring a cupcake to school for a birthday.”