Despite school canteens becoming more health conscious, one Perth high school is getting hyped about serving up their 200,000th cheesy.

It’s estimated that the lucky 200K cheesy will go over the pass at the canteen St Norbert’s College in Queen’s Park on Tuesday.


Canteen assistant Carmel Montgomery told the Canning Times they were “shocked” to realise how many they had made over the years.

“About three months ago we were busy making cheesies and started trying to guess how many we had cooked over all the years since we started working together 11 years ago,’’ she said.

“I did some calculations and worked out that in October we would be making our 200,000th.


“I was quite shocked to realise the figure.”

The student who snags the 200,000th cheesy reportedly also snags a prize.

Canning Times

Pic credit: David Baylis

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