If you want to level up from a $3 bag of ice at the local servo, The Boatshed Market in Cott have got your back.

They’re now slinging 5 ice blocks for $29.95.

Benjamín Nelson from the Wine Loft at The Boatshed told 96FM the ‘Gold Rock’ is laced with 23 karat edible gold.

“The blocks have undergone a 5-day freezing process and perfectly fit double-rock glasses,” he added.

via @thepeppywanker on Twitter

And while they’re not flying off shelves, people are absolutely buying them.


Mr Nelson said they’re becoming increasingly popular with those who – because of recent restrictions – had begun putting more time (and expense) into entertaining at home.

For the more budget-conscious, you can get a 5-pack of plain clear ice blocks for $7.95.