Brownes Dairy are bracing for a public protest. And they couldn’t be happier.

The call-to-action isn’t over a pay dispute or other industrial issues, it’s over… YoGo Dirt Dessert.

More than 10,000 on Facebook have petitioned to show up to the Brownes Dairy plant in Balcatta to protest the dessert’s return.

Poor sales meant Dirt Dessert was discontinued from shelves about five years ago, but clearly people simply can’t let go of that chocolate crumble ‘dirt’ base, soft gooey marshmallow covered with chocolate YoGo – particularly Caroline Elisabeth, the Perth saviour woman who kicked off the petition.

Thing is, and get this: if enough people rock up to the protest, Brownes say they’ll bring it back.

“We will meet with the protestors and hear their argument to bring back YoGo Dirt Dessert,” Brownes Dairy Sales and Marketing Director Natalie Sarich-Dayton told the Stirling Times.


“If there is enough demand – through an online petition and supporters’ attendance – we will consider bringing YoGo Dirt Dessert back for a trial period.”

But, even if they pledge to bring the Dirt back, there’s a problem with one of the key ingredients.

“I can confirm Brownes is actively working to try and find a new marshmallow supplier,” Ms Sarich-Dayton said.

The YoGo Dirt Dessert protest will be held on Friday, July 20 at 2pm at Brownes Dairy, 22 Geddes Street, Balcatta.

Stirling Times