If you’ve ever wanted to say ‘I own shares in Shit The Bed’, now you can.

Bunsters Hot Sauce, the Perth-based company which makes the cult-like Shit The Bed sauce, is now slinging shares.

Owner Renae Bunster made the announcement this week on Facebook.

“You’ve watched Bunsters blossom from a funny little hot sauce in to a bona fide international phenomenon,” the post read.

“Now’s your chance to own a piece of the company for as little as $250.”

Bunster hit the bigtime a couple of years ago when not only did Shit The Bed become the number one hot sauce on Amazon in the US, it’s regularly featured on the US webseries Hot Ones:


Bunster says she’s offering shares simply because she hasn’t had the spare capital to produce any new products.

“I haven’t been able to make it fast enough… the demand for it in America and Australia outstrips supply every year,” she said.

“While our turnover just keeps going up year-on-year, I’ve been constantly scrambling for money to make more because my company keeps growing so quickly… I’ve had no spare capital to produce any new products.”

One shareholder perk is the opportunity to be part of a ‘tester team’, giving feedback on new stuff.


Shares start at $250, or “money that you would’ve just pissed up against a wall on a night out at the pub,” Bunster said.


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