If you’re seeing this while making your breakfast this morning, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW.

Put away the muesli, stop chopping up your fruit and give in to your cravings for something a little sweeter because science has proven that we should all be eating chocolate for breakfast.

A study that was recently conducted at Syracuse University found that adding some chocolate to your brekkie diet could help with your brain function and can even be good for weight loss!

The reason being that chocolate can actually improve your memory and cognitive function and therefore scientists believe that eating it first thing in the morning can help prepare people for the busy day ahead.

In terms of losing weight, indulging on something like chocolate first thing in the morning means that your body has a whole day to digest it and work it off. It’s also more likely to stop you from craving sweets later on in the day.

Therefore, scientists think that eating chocolate for the first meal of the day can actually be good for us!

And if science says so…well say no more and pass me the damn Nutella jar.

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