Kmart shoppers have been stunned by a $10 buy that they claim can turn our normal oven into an Air Fryer.

The store’s Oven Air Fry Basket is a wire basket with elevated legs which you can cook your favourite foods in, instead of in a baking tray.

Fans say it ends up working the same as an air fryer, as it circulates the hot air around the food, so it heats and cooks evenly, without needing to turn your snacks over.

“I love this. I put on a baking tray and it cooks chips or anything so much better and quicker,” said one Kmart shopper on Facebook.

“It allows air to cook from under and much cleaner to cook. Use it for chicken tenders, chips, everything.”

Another said “I have a fan-forced oven and use them for potato gems, party pies and sausage rolls and chicken nuggets I love them, I have two.

“No soggy bottoms from using baking trays and no need to rotate them.”

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