Aldi’s Special Buys can often have been people stressing they will miss out on all the bargains.

But an Aussie mum has revealed she knows where she can get them just by typing ‘get started’ on messenger to the Aldi Australia Facebook page.

When you click the button and ask a few questions, the robot then asks you a few questions before you can ask if a store near you has stock of an item.

The mum goes onto say that she “managed to get some goodies I couldn’t find a few weeks back!”

The trick has left loads of Aldi shoppers stunned, saying “Love it, I checked with this function and got something I wanted today.’

And another said, “That’s a great idea, I used it and went to the store where stock was available …”


We had no idea it exists but now we do, we will never need to worry again!

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