Okay firstly, I’ve NEVER seen or heard of Liquorice flavoured ice cream. 

Secondly YUCK. 

Thirdly it has been voted best ice cream flavour of 2020? WHAT?

Apparently The Australian Grand Dairy Awards has decreed the nation’s best ice cream and this year it is Gundowring Fine Foods’ Liquorice Ice Cream. 

Firstly, who are these heathens? What are their qualifications??

Secondly, YUCK.

Thirdly, is my mum on this board of directors? Because that’s the only person I know who enjoys the taste of LIQUORICE?


The awards have been going for 21 years, so I suppose they might, perhaps, maybe, know what they’re talking about but I am not interested! 

Apparently this is a big deal guys.

“Winning at The Australian Grand Dairy Awards is the highest accolade in the dairy industry…” Says The Australian Grand Dairy Awards Convener (it’s quite a mouthful) Alexandra Kury. 

I’m not going to lie, it looks bad, like really bad. 


Like guys it looks like, you know.

Can someone try it and let us know?

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