I LOVE seeing names brands come with up to get away with using certain flavours and brands and this is the perfect example!

Brownes Dairy has released a new line of flavoured milk, the ‘Seriously Flavoured’ Milk and the three variants include…

  • The ‘Cinny Bun’ – flavoured with an iconic cinnamon bun flavour which you know what? Fair enough, people can make cinnamon buns anywhere, it isn’t necessarily a Cinnabon rip.
  • The ‘Caramelised Biscuit’ – a ‘smooth’ caramelised biscuit flavour which doesn’t sound sus but on the packaging of the milk carton they’ve used the ICONIC Belgian Lotus Biscoff Biscuit, which you can tell by the signature design on the edge of the rectangle biscuit.

Case and point:


  • The ‘Gold Smooth Caramel White Chocolate’ – a smooth, creamy caramel white chocolate which is literally just what Caramilk is and they use the same ‘Caramilk’ yellow on the carton.

I am an investigative genius, obviously.

Look, this is no shade to Brownes, I mean, no one else is doing it and, honestly, I want to try all of them.

The cartons go for $3.50 each and you’ll be able to find them at Woolworths, various IGA/Foodlands and Independent supermarkets.


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