Get ready to never complain about the price of fruit again because this bunch of grapes has just sold for nearly $16,000.

They’re called Ruby Roman grapes and they’re kind of a big deal in Japan.

Takashi Hosokawa became the winning bidder at an auction on Tuesday and will pay 1.2 million yen, or around $15,847.20, for the 24 beauties.

That’s $660.29 per grape.

Ruby Red grapes came to market just 12 years ago, and quickly became prized for their juiciness, high sugar content and low acidity, auctioneers told CNN.

Ruby Roman Grapes grower

Their exclusivity (and, therefore, price) remains high because only a select number are sold.


Bizarre fruit, like square watermelon, is considered a luxury in Japan because of the way they’re meticulously cultivated or made to grow.

square watermelon

Take the albino White Jewel strawberry.

White Strawberry

Yep, it looks unripe. It’s not.


Forget bananas after a cyclone, this thing is one of the crown jewels in the Japanese luxury fruit basket.

A pack of these will set you back about $60, BUT that’s merely small change compared to another strawb, the tennis ball-sized Beautiful Princess strawberries that go for about 500,000 yen ($6,600 Aussie) each.

Only around 500 of these bad boys are produced every year.

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