The exact time we give up on cooking dinner and decide ‘bugger this, let’s get HJs’ has been worked out.


A survey of more than 1000 Aussies by Australian Lamb has determined that it’s in the last 20 minutes of Millionaire Hotseat that two-in-five of us are already scrolling delivery options.

The biggest hurdle for 67% of women and 49% of men is feeling too tired or getting home late.

Other reasons include not having enough time for food prep and work stress reducing the inclination and inspiration to whip up something when they got home.


  • We spend $2.6 billion a year on takeaway or food delivery
  • Australians spend a third of their weekly food budget on fast food
  • 2-in-5 of us chose to binge Netflix over cooking dinner
  • And apparently just opening a food delivery app makes two-thirds of us feel guilty.

MasterChef 2016 winner Elena Duggan admits sometimes  losing her mealtime mojo, but has some handy tips on clawing it back:

Do as much prep as you can on weekends – chop veggies, get marinades or pestos ready or cooking food to be put in the freezer.

Even deciding to buy a thinner cuts of meat to make cooking them faster.

“If you use carrots, capsicums and onions in a stir fry one day, you can use those in an omelette the next,” Duggan told 10 daily.

All good tips.

But, not gonna lie, sometimes you just can’t get past a Bacon Deluxe.

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