McDonald’s doesn’t sell McFlurry cakes but if you have been looking at TikTok, you will know they can exist.

The ‘McFlurry Cake’ comes during a time where there are a lot of fast food hacks around and to make the delicious ice cream into a different product, you only need two ingredients and five minutes.

TikTokker Emily Canham pointed out that all you have to do is ‘add flour’.

In her hugely popular post, Canham adds some self-raising to her McFlurry and then mixes it all together.

She then pops the dough back into the McFlurry container and microwaves it for around two minutes.


this is my new fav thing ever 😍😍😍😍 (disclaimer, ad I’ve worked with mcd in the past) #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Zanzibar – Billy Joel


“It tastes so good,” she says in the clip.

TikTokers seemed both stunned and impressed by the trick.

“This actually works?” one user asked.

“Game changer,” another wrote.

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