A mum has revealed how she ‘tricks’ her son into thinking he’s eating McDonald’s when she actually makes him a home-cooked meal.

Posting on Facebook, Tanesha Baldwin talked about how her son loves McDonald’s but she doesn’t want to have to run across the street every time he wants ‘chiccy nuggets and fren fwies’.

“Like the innovative mum I am, I got a solution…” she said.

“I made sure he ain’t tear up the boxes like he usually do…and I saved the containers”… I think you can see where this is going.

“Today he holla he want “Donald’s…. I had the whole meal already in the freezer, the trick was to make sure it’s shoe string fries.”

She then revealed, she pretended the food was being delivered to her son and she “snuck downstairs and acted like somebody was at the door”.


She ended the post with a hot tip!

“Note: If you really wanna be fancy and add a little razzle dazzle, go grab a toy he forgot about and throw that sucka in there too!”

The successful “happy meal” has impressed thousands online, myself included!

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