Well now we’ve officially seen everything.

Not only has today brought us pictures of an emu taking over an Aussie airport (ya know, because straya) but it’s also brought us a seriously strange food offering.

One burger joint in Sydney is really pushing the boundaries with their latest menu item – A Fairy Bread burger! And just in time for Australia day.

Downtown Brooklyn Penrith in Sydney’s West are offering up this new burger and dessert combo, announcing the news with a picture of the monstrosity.

“Did somebody say Fairy Bread Burgers???” they wrote in the caption.

TBH no, we didn’t. But now we’re interested, so go on!

“We are bringing back your favourite Aussie Day Burger for the week,” they continued.


So here’s what goes into making the burger coated in colourful sprinkles: 2 x Wagyu beef patties, 2 x pieces of maple bacon, 2 x slices of American cheese all sandwiched between a buttered fairy bread doughnut.

Actually it kind of sounds like this combo is so odd that it could be delicious… And now we’re questioning everything we’ve ever known about food!

We guess the only way to know for sure is to try one! The Fairy Bread burger is available at Downtown Brooklyn in Penrith from today until Monday 27th January.

Will you try one?

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