It seems that not all McDonald’s prices are consistent across their stores.

After learning Macca’s had store-level pricing, Redditor u/panggudong kicked off a thread wanting to find the cheapest McDonalds in Perth.

They had also posted a list of Big Mac prices across a few stores to show the price variation, but soon realised that Big Mac prices alone wasn’t going to reveal the cheapest Macca’s overall.

via u/panggudong on Reddit

“For example, while Bicton has the cheapest Big Mac at $6.40, a Double McSpicy is $11.30, while Morley’s Big Mac is $6.80 and Double McSpicy is $10.95.”

Which led to their question: Which Macca’s has the best prices?

Clearly, it’s not in the regions, with one commenter saying that a Big Mac in Karratha sells for $9.35 and a Double McSpicy is $14.05.


A few commenters said they used the Macca’s app as “it’s cheaper [and] normally always get 20% off”.



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