A tourist has taken to social media to complain about a €6 ($9.85AUD) salad he was served, described as a “plate of tomatoes”.

In a post on Reddit, Gandi14 explained that he had just finished a mudflat hiking tour in Amrum in Germany when he visited a restaurant where he ordered the dish.

The plate contains multiple wedges of tomato topped with onions. He added that there were no dressings or seasonings for taste.

Other Reddit users were shocked by the photo.

“You got ripped off. This is sh**ty food for 6 euros,” one user wrote.

“So it’s just tomato and raw onion? That’s not a salad, that’s just throwing stuff on a plate,” another said.

However, others sided with the restaurant and questioned his thought process.


“Didn’t you read the menu or ask about it before you ordered it? I don’t know about you, but I read about things before I buy them, especially my food,” a reader replied.

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