We’ve all heard the name, Cinnabon. Some of the lucky ones have tasted the sweet, sugary buns, and never looked back.

The 2019 launch of Cinnabon in Australia is definitely going to be bad for all diets, everywhere.

Gaurac Bansal, from the Bansal Group has said the launch has sparked so much excitment already.

“Cinnabon is one of the most beloved brands in the world, and its cinnamon scrolls are world-famous, so we’re so delighted to bring them to Australia,” said Bansal.

“We knew there would be a strong market for Cinnabon in Australia, but we’re already amazed by the fan base around the country begging us to open in their city and their huge love for this brand.”

Since opening Carl’s Jr a year ago, the Bansal Group have opened six new locations in South East Queensland, with more on the way.

“There’s a lot involved with every opening, so we’re doing our homework and will only open stores when we’ve found a great location, but the plan is to open 50 stores in the next three years,” says Bansal.


“Our home is in South East Queensland, so of course our first location will be there later this year, and we hope to follow that with a Sydney store.”

It’s official, folks!