Social media has lit up over the news that food trucks at City of Cockburn events will now be targeted with a new set of ‘red lights’ in the area.

According to The West, the city is set to implement a ‘traffic light’ system which is often used to categorise food and drinks sold in school canteens, green being the healthiest and red the highest in fat, salt or sugar.

Thing is, this new policy isn’t within the boundaries of a school but the entire City of Cockburn.

It was reported that instead of meat pies, sausage rolls and hot chips, people who attend local events will instead be offered fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrain bread, nuts, plain water or milk.

Also under the new rules, food trucks will be allowed to sell just two varieties of sugary drinks, but they won’t be allowed to display them.

The policy also states that ice cream vans will be limited as to what add-ons they can sell, “for example, no additional topping on ice cream such as chocolate, sprinkles or sweets.”

City of Cockburn environmental health manager Nick Jones told The West that there had been “overwhelming support from the program” by food truck owners, however they also reported that the WA Mobile Food Vendors Association have called it “a big overreach”.


“Who is the council to tell me what I should be serving and to tell people what they should be eating?” WAMFVA president Craig Mauger said.

The council had little support on social media:

“Food truck owners, boycott the festival then see how many people bother to go if they can’t get any ice cream or food. Perth councillors will soon change their minds,” was one of the many comments on The West’s Facebook page.

“It’s about time local councils remember what they are there for – this is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. Stick to garbage collection etc. What people eat has NOTHING to do with you,” was another.

“Wow can’t even choose what ya want to eat anymore. How about let people use their own minds and if they want unhealthy food then that’s their choice! Ridiculous world we live in.”

“What a load of bs. Is this all the council has to do? I’m pretty sure there are much bigger fish to fry. Pun intended.”


One person simply posted a GIF of hot chips.

Deputy Liberal leader Bill Marmion, who is also the shadow local government minister, has called the policy “dangerous”, “Orwellian” and something that “parents are supposed to do”.

It’s understood that 79 per cent of adults in Cockburn are overweight or obese.

The West Australian