Getting our hands on hand sanitiser has proven to be pretty difficult, thanks to some snapping up more than their fair share, however one WA distillery has come to the rescue!

Margaret River’s Wise Wine has just gone into 24-hour production to make hand sanitiser, using the ethanol meant for their gin.

Wise Wine general manager Greg Garnish told the Mandurah Mail that he came up with the idea when the team were joking about the concept.

He said his staff were already using a spray made from ethanol that they produced at the winery, then their customers started buying it.

“We said, okay let’s do this for real,” he said.

“It is going nuts, absolutely nuts.

“We have been selling it for two days now, and it is our biggest selling product.”


Their hand sanitiser and surface spray won’t be just limited to Margaret River but they say they “have a heap” being hauled up to Perth and up to some minesites.

The sanitiser is also available online.

The bottles of sanitiser look pretty similar to the gin so, for the love of God, don’t get them mixed up.