So, Cadbury finally stepped in and settled the debate over whether chocolate belongs in the fridge or pantry.

Or so we thought.

Despite the chocolate giant saying that it “should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as a pantry or cupboard less than 21 degrees celsius to ensure the quality isn’t compromised,” it seems it just fuelled the damn fire.

But it’s not just chocolate.

The floodgates on all sorts of food and condiments are getting the fridge-or-pantry treatment, stuff like eggs, avocado and tomato.

“I’m very surprised at what’s been put as the definitive ‘what should go in the fridge and what should go in the pantry’,” Lisa lamented.

For starters, it’s got butter in the pantry, well, I’d love to see you live in Perth and have your butter in the pantry at the height of summer, that’s not gonna work.”


The list continued, including olive oil in the fridge and soy sauce in the pantry – which completely baffled Lisa, who does the opposite.

“Our producer before asked what kind of monster keeps their peanut butter in the fridge and I had to put my hand up say ‘…me?’ because for some reason I do.”

The Bunch then took a string of calls… and we met someone who heats up their fridge chocolate with their leg and another who swears by keeping Twisties in the fridge.

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