It’s a universal truth that the quintessential Aussie CBF meal is a hot chook, coleslaw and rolls.

Behold this classic spread:

Woolworths has totally clued-in on this perfectly simple staple with something I had no idea existed: The Hot Chicken Sharing Platter.

This absolutely epic crowd pleaser is made up of 2 chooks, cut up into pieces, a 400g coleslaw, a 400g pasta salad and a dozen bread rolls.

Woolies says this caters for 5-12 people but yo, if you’re truly fanging and are really honest with yourself, this could be your lunch and din-dins sorted.


One commenter online said they got one for Christmas and they were great and, honestly, the idea of a CBF Christmas is one helluva tantalising thought.

And at $25, this is some value (particularly considering hot chooks are about $10 each).

The only sad thing is that you have to order them 24 hours in advance.


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