Only a few days to the big day and Woolworths has decided to drop some game-changing information.

They’ve announced the addition of 16 exclusively festive food items to add to your holiday table spread and, oh boy, they are good.

The 16 products for customers to look out for;

  • Gold Bacon Wrapped Australian Beef Sirloin Roast with Truffle – $40/kg
  • Gold Pork Rack Roast with Native Australian Davidson Plum & Apple Stuffing – $25/kg
  • Gold Lamb Leg Roast with Fig & Rosemary Stuffing – $25/kg
  • Woolworths Pork Stuffing Mince with Bacon & Cranberry 500g – $7.00
  • Gold Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast with Spiced Pink Lady Apple & Pistachio Stuffing – $25/kg
  • Gold Boneless Turducken with Fig & Pistachio Stuffing – $16.26/kg
  • Gold Free Range Boneless Turkey Crown with Bacon Lattice – $17.54/kg
  • Woolworths Pigs in Blankets 400g – $10.00
  • Macro Free Range Boneless Turkey Roast with Spiced Apple Stuffing – $23/kg
  • Gold Free Range Boneless Chicken Roast with Cranberry & Almond Stuffing – $22/kg
  • Woolworths Honey & Fig Glazed Baked Brie with Chopped Almonds 280g – $8.50
  • Woolworths RSPCA Approved Boneless Chicken Roast with Apricot & Macadamia Stuffing – $19/kg
  • Woolworths Pork Crackling Shards 100g – $5.50
  • Woolworths Christmas Cupcakes 9pk – $10.00
  • Woolworths Ham Arancini Bites 200g – $6.00

While, all delicious looking and sounding… the star of the show has to be the Gold Christmas Croquembouche (850g) going for $30.00.

Australian made and handcrafted, the Christmas Croquembouche consists of a mouth-watering tower of white chocolate coated profiteroles, buttercream and generously sprinkled with pistachios and raspberry crisps…


I know? RIGHT?

These items will be dropping as of Friday the 18th of December, so gear up!