We’ve all been there. You’ve got your big trolley full of the stuff you need, only to then try and wiggle it through the self-serve checkout of your local supermarket. It’s a big chunky obstacle that only makes you want to get your shopping done faster.

If you find yourself in this situation a lot of the time, you’ll want to feast your eye on this hack. A Woolworths shopper has just realised something that has been in front of us the entire time…

It turns out the small-sized shopping trolleys actually slide in effortlessly into the self-serve kiosk, right where customers would usually place a basket! OH MY GOD!

@ebonyhitam i the only one who just figured this out♬ original sound – ebonyhit

“I JUST LEARNT THE SMALL TROLLEY FITS AT WOOLIES SELF SERVE!” the poster, @ebonyhit says in the video.

The clip, which has now gone viral, received many comments from stunned viewers.


“You’re smarter than me. I’m 43 and just found out,” one user wrote.

“I work at Woolies at the checkouts and I didn’t even know this!!” another said.

We have a feeling the self serve section is going to be a whole lot clearer from now on!

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