As true blue, dinky-di Aussies we LOVE Vegemite. Obviously!

It is the GOD tier of all breakfast condiments and we will fight anyone who says otherwise. Not physically, of course, but we will argue with you until you lose interest and just agree with us.

But it’s fair to say that there is a time and a place for that salty, yeasty black treat.

Spread on your toast, sure. In a cheesymite scroll, definitely. On a Salada sandwich with too much butter and everything oozing through the holes? You bloody bet!

But this might just be a step too far.

Aussies have been left scratching their heads over a vegemite-flavoured ice cream being offered up by one dessert joint over east.

Dooley’s Ice Cream in Victoria is known for serving up weird and wonderful ice cream flavours, but this one has even the most adventurous foodies a little sceptical.


I mean, we get salted caramel and maybe that’s the sort of angle they’re going for with this one?

And while, the flavour has been in Dooley’s freezer for over a decade now, it’s doing the rounds on social media again. And the debate has flared up once more.