Cadbury’s infamous Caramilk blocks are officially back on shelves and we couldn’t be more excited.

Especially after hearing about this oh-so-delicious yet super simple recipe that features the God of all chocolate blocks.

Introducing the Caramilk Crunchie slice – a dessert that can be made using just your slow cooker and with only five ingredients.

The recipe popped up on the super helpful Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips Facebook page, which you should definitely start following if you don’t already, and honestly we were drooling as soon as we laid eyes on it.

All you’ll need to make it is:
– 3 block of cadbury caramilk chocolate (if you can find it of course!)
– 1 can of condensed milk
– 1 400g bag of Woolworths Choc Honeycomb
– 1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence
– 1 teaspoon of butter

Basically you just chuck everything into you slow cooker apart from the honey cook. Cook it on low with the lid off and stir with a metal spoon every 15 mins until all of the ingredients are well combined and smooth.

(Hot tip: In a 1.5L slow cooker this should take about 1hr 15 mins on low)


Once combined, pour the mixture into a tray and crush the honeycomb over the top. Place in the fridge and let it set for four hours before cutting up into squares.

Thank us later.