I know it’s not the most exciting option, but I will go to the grave with the opinion that Whittaker’s chocolate slabs, whichever flavour you prefer, are the ULTIMATE choccy treat for when you’re craving the holy cocoa.

Well, New Zealand is taking it to the next level, not only are they leading the world with COVID recovery, they’re leading the way with fantastic food innovation!

Pic’s peanut butter has released jars of their iconic peanut butter swirled through with Whittaker’s chocolate.

Yes, you heard me.



These jars have been available in New Zealand since January but we’re FINALLY getting this godly creation in Australia and it looks like the perfect spread to cosy up to in the coming Winter.

The jar consists of crunchy peanut bits, creamy milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a small sprinkling of salt for balance.

For those that prefer smooth peanut butter over crunchy…. you guys need to really look into yourselves and find out where it all went wrong.

Coles will be selling the jars for $9 a pop, which for a special branded imported product is totally valid.


You’ll start seeing the jars on the shelves of Woolies too from the end of May!


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