First it was toilet paper. Then pasta. Now, according to Costa Georgiadis, there’s a new way for households to assert their dominance in lockdown.

Backyard chickens.


“Dunno if this is the case in Perth,” the bearded one from ABC’s Gardening Australia told Botica’s Bunch.

“But over here in the eastern states there’s been a massive run on chickens.

“You couldn’t buy a backyard chook if your life depended on it – it’s much like the toilet paper scandal.”

Costa was buzzing over the sudden interest in gardening, particularly vegetables, but he was also slightly restrained over it.


“When you’re banging on about [gardening] week-in, week-out, it’s so good to see this excitement around it,” he said.

“I supposed the key thing around it is, we gotta get these new people in and make sure they stay – that it’s not just a trend until we get outta lockdown.

“Like, this is something for life.”

But whether it’s chickens or the sudden need to head to Waldecks, Costa said that people just really want to grow stuff.

So if you want to get started, here’s Costa’s tips.

What To Plant Right Now


“Going into this time of year, now that things have cooled down, it’s the perfect time to be growing all your leafy greens like silverbeet and lettuces but also start to think about veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and beans,” he said. “Think broad beans and snow peas.”

Costa also reminded us that we didn’t have to wait until the beans were ready.

“You can actually use [broad bean] flowers in a salad, you can pick the tips out and use them in a salad raw, or you can stir fry them,” he advised.

“So you actually repeat-harvest off that piece of real estate rather than ‘OK that’s locked up for 120 days until I see some beans’.

“But the simple leafy greens is a great way for newbies who are wanting to get started.”

Lisa loved this as she admitted she needed some ‘payback’ or some kind of gratification to keep her motivated to keep going with gardening, and Costa agreed.


“With your lettuces, you don’t have to wait until the whole thing’s ready to go, just repeat-pick the outside leaves and just take it as you want.”

“I mean you can make spinach pies, you can make salads, you can do stir frys but you’ll get quick payola [on those vegetables].”

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