A trip to Bunnings to grab a plant, some paint and… the Covid jab?

Bunnings has offered to open Covid-19 max vaccination hubs to push us back on track, and considering their gigantic car parks, health officials aren’t exactly opposed to the idea.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Bunnings offered their car parks as Covid testing clinics, so again, the hardware giant is coming to the party.

Bunnings’ chief operating officer, Deb Poole told The Guardian if the government required their assistance, they’re here to help.

“We’ve previously supported the government and the community by hosting Covid-19 testing in some of our store car parks and we’re always open to discussing further support directly with the government.”

Hassan Vally, an associate professor in public health and an epidemiologist with La Trobe University in Melbourne, thinks hosting vaccine clinics at Bunnings is a smart idea, saying “most people haven’t seen a vaccination occur in person, so if you’re going into a Bunnings a few times and you keep passing the vaccinations, then the next time you’re on your way out with your potting mix, you’ll go up and ask.”

“If people go to Bunnings and can get their sausage sandwich after their vaccine on the way out, that’s a good thing,” he said.



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