Scott Morrison’s attempt to cut Labor’s grass almost ended in tears.

The PM made an early morning visit to the Queanbeyan growth suburb of Googong to spruik $25,000 cash grants for residential construction.

It wasn’t just Thursday’s sub-zero temperatures that gave the assembled press pack with a chilly reception.

During Morrison’s announcement, a local homeowner interrupted him.

“Can everyone get off the grass please? Come on,” the exasperated Googonger said.

“Guys, I’ve just reseeded that.”


A sideways shuffle seemed to satisfy him.

Thumbs ups exchanged, Mr Morrison cranked back into gear talking up tradies’ chances in a sector weathering the coronavirus storm.

Googong’s sea of colorbond roofs is exactly the type of place the Liberals are trawling for votes ahead of the July 4 poll.

A victory would make it the first time for 100 years a government has won a seat from an opposition in a by-election.

The coalition is reviving its pitch to so-called aspirational voters through a $688 million renovation and new house scheme aimed at saving 140,000 jobs.


“Those Australians whose dream it was to build their home or to do that big renovation, a dream that they thought might have been crushed by the coronavirus,” Mr Morrison said.

But Labor doubts HomeBuilder, which covers projects worth more than $150,000, will do the trick.

“There aren’t too many battlers out there who have a lazy $150,000,” Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said.

Hopefully, no more lawns will be harmed in the fight for political turf.


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