Why dirty up a pair of sneakers when you can buy them that way?

Thank the LAWD for Gucci.

They’ve come up with a pair of retro-looking trainers in their trademark colours of red, green and… something that looked like it was once white but now looks like it’s spent a few months at the bottom of a teenage boy’s gym bag.

And they’re not even discounted.

The dirty-looking Screener Leather Sneakers start at $1175.

Yep, the price-point goes up from there.


The high-top kicks that look like they’ve just made it out of Tough Mudder are $1260.

Hilariously, the version with crystals (yes, dirty shoes adorned with a sweeping garland of shiny crystals) could be yours for just $2015.

“Influenced by classic trainers from the ‘70s, the Screener sneakers — named for the defensive sports move-feature the Web Stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an allover distressed effect,” the sneaker’s description says.

Our fave part? The cleaning instructions:


 “Clean when the shoe is dry, using only neutral or same-colour products to avoid staining.”


Go home Gucci, you’re drunk.


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