Have you ever sat down with someone so wise and walked away feeling incredibly inspired, uplifted and like your IQ has gone up a notch?

We could all use a bit of that energy in 2020 and if you’re looking to channel it, we know just the guy – British vlogger, author, motivational speaker and former monk Jay Shetty.

In his podcast On Purpose, Shetty has one goal – to make wisdom go viral.

How does he achieve it? With his insight and tips, he helps listeners through everyday challenges. Having trouble navigating your relationship? There is an episode for that. Wish you were rich and famous? There is an episode for that too!

Another great part of On Purpose is Shetty is able to sit down with “the most insightful people in the world”. Grace from Will & Grace may seem like a mess, but Debra Messing knows a thing or two when it comes to working with others.


And Rob Lowe? He jumped on the podcast to chat about tapping into spirituality. You may never have expected that from the actor.

This year has thrown us many curveballs, but if it is time to get life back on track, start listening to On Purpose with Jay Shetty on iHeartRadio.

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