You may have seen that one of the happiest places on earth, Disney World has reopened its doors for the people of America. The rides are in full force, the iconic characters and cast members are out to play and delicious treats are being served left, right and centre.

Of course, new rules apply due to the ongoing global pandemic. Ahead of the opening, Disney World announced that members of the public would be subject to temperature screening prior to entry. Hand sanitiser and distance markers were scattered across the park with social distancing a massive priority.

One major rule was that every patron needed a face mask if they wanted to enter the park. However, Disney has had to change the rules after cheeky visitors found a loophole in the system which allowed them to take them off during the day – eating and drinking while walking.

In the new update, the rules state that “you may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.”

If people need to remove their masks, there are designated ‘Relaxation Stations’ where they can take in some fresh air whilst standing six feet away from one another.




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