In a major change in policy, two of the country’s biggest corporations, The Commonwealth Bank and PwC Australia have changed their dress codes so staff can now dress casually.

A Commonwealth Bank spokeswoman revealed:

“Some parts of the business have implemented a ‘dress for your day’ initiative meaning that employees are empowered to dress in a way that suits their work day,”  

Meanwhile, PwC partner and chief people officer Dorothy Hisgrove said:

“We trust our people and ­believe they are smart enough to decide what to wear to work every day,”

“It’s is all about creativity, flexibility and ­increased engagement.”

And they aren’t the only ones.


Countless businesses are implementing the clothing change to reflect the change in modern times.

Executive director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe told the Daily Telegraph:

“Some workplaces are recognising that there’s a shift in attitudes and adjusting dress codes to suit — these businesses are driving change that others won’t be able to ignore,” she said.

Social demographer Mark McCrindle agreed: “Baby Boomers started their careers in the ’70s and early ’80s where it (the workplace) was very traditional, structured and hierarchical,”

“These days, the tech ­sector and start-up culture has given gravitas to jeans and a T-shirt, showing it’s not about what you wear, but what you can deliver.” 


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