Businesses around Australia have been given the green light to start incentivising customers to get the COVID jab.

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved the idea, which will now see businesses able to reward customers if they have been fully vaccinated under the government’s COVID-19 vaccine program.

News of the approval comes as the country grapples with a population either unsure or actively against getting the jab.

A poll earlier this year found that over a quarter of Aussies were still unsure about the vaccine, while around 9 per cent said that they would definitely not be getting vaccinated.

With concern around Australians holding out for a particular brand of vaccine, businesses offering these incentives have been told that they cannot promote one brand over another or push non-approved vaccines.

Under the new rules, businesses will be allowed to offer store vouchers, discounts or rewards points like frequent flyer programs.

However, don’t expect a free slab of beer with your vaccine because booze, tobacco and drugs cannot be offered up.


Last week, Qantas announced that it would begin offering “prizes” to those who had been vaccinated against COVID-19, with offers like unlimited travel for a year up-for-grabs.