If you’ve got oily skin or often find your face looking a bit shiny, even after applying your makeup, then boy do we have the product for you.

This cheap beauty product, which has one absolutely nuts online thanks none other than a TikTok video, is set to reduce the appearance of shine on your skin without running your makeup.

And it’s available right here in Australia at Big W stores for just $15!

We’re talking about the Revlon Face Volcanic Roller, and it’s been getting so much hype after TikTok user @looksbylexington tested it out in a video on her account.

The description says that the item “helps absorb oil and mattify skin” and is also a “quick solution to reduce appearance of oily sheen on the skin”.

And based on this video, it seriously works!



@looksbylexingtonIf you have oily skin YOU NEED THIS ##distancedance ##FYP ##oilyskin ##amazonfinds ##revlon ##whippedcoffee♬ original sound – looksbylexington

“It literally gets rid of all the shine and it like doesn’t mess with your makeup at all,” she continued. “What the heck? This thing is crazy. Obsessed. Wow.”

The video had since gone viral getting over 1.4 million likes and more than 600 comments from people wanting to test it out!

And luckily we can here in Australia! We’ve found the Revlon Face Volcanic Roller on the Big W website for just $14.95.



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