It may seem obvious but Australian researchers have come out and said that not only are smokers more likely to catch the virus, they’re also more likely to die from it.

Medical experts from UNSW have said there is evidence that shows that inflammation caused to one’s lungs from smoking leads in turn makes you an easier target for infections.

The university’s professor of respiratory medicine, Christine Jenkins, has stated that smokers have another habit that makes them more susceptible. 

“Smokers may also be vulnerable through bringing their hands to their mouths and inhaling repeatedly”, Jenkins stated.

Another UNSW professor, Freddy Sitas said that cells in your lungs get damaged from smoking and become weaker and prone to disease like pneumonia and influenza.

He went on to say that smokers are 50% to 300% more likely to die from respiratory diseases and that smoking causes a specific type of damage that makes it hard to flush out viruses.

“The harm smoking causes to the lungs includes mild immune impairment and significant impaired function of cilia in the lung….Cilia have the vital role of clearing foreign bodies in the lungs; i.e., viruses and bacteria”, Sitas said. 


So if you were trying to quit or trying to find a reason to quit or you want your friend or family to take quitting seriously.

Today is the day!

I believe in you!

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