Hand sanitiser has become a huge part of our everyday lives. We’re using it at the supermarket, local cafes, essential workplaces and inside the home. 

With so many different brands on the market, you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder whether it is actually working for you and thankfully, Choice has provided some helpful tips.

According to the group, you should first make sure it contains at least 75 per cent isopropyl alcohol or 80 per cent ethanol. This is the recommendation from the World Health Organisation and you can find this on the label.

Secondly, smell the contents. Does it smell like alcohol to you?

Also, assess the look and feel. Does it evaporate off your hands quickly? If you find it is sticky, it may have too much gel and not enough alcohol.

Some people out there have attempted to test how much alcohol is in their hand sanitiser by setting it alight, which Choice definitely does NOT recommend doing. It is dangerous and most likely won’t give you an accurate indication.

The recommendations come after Choice claimed that Mosaic Brands was selling hand sanitiser that had only 23% of alcohol.


Mosaic Brands has since taken the product off shelves temporarily from stores such as Rivers, Noni B, Millers and Rockmans.

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