A shopper has captured the heartbreaking moment an elderly man was forced to buy tissues after toilet paper was stripped from the shelves of his local supermarket.

The man was photographed staring at empty shelves in search for toilet paper.

A woman posted the scene, slamming ‘panic buyers’.

“This absolutely broke my heart seeing this old man grabbing tissues because there was no toilet paper left,” Justine Bowers wrote on Facebook.

She added, “I offered him the very few toilet rolls that I had as I couldn’t bare to see him go without”.

“Shame on all the people who have been buying in bulk because it’s affecting so many people who aren’t fortunate enough to do so!


“A picture says a thousand words.”

The image has since been shared over 23,000 times, as shelves continue to be emptied.

As the national ‘Toilet Paper Crisis’ continues, more stores have followed Woolworths in restricting the amount of toilet paper customers can purchase at checkout.

On Thursday, Coles announced that it’s limiting toilet roll purchases to four packs per person, per transaction.

ALDI has gone with the four-pack limit, however they’ve also enforced a 10 pack limit on essentials like long-life milk, hygiene produces and tissues.

Costco, which is the ultimate place for bulk-buying, is restricting customer to two 48-packs of toilet paper.


Overnight, it was also revealed that Woolworths had moved their hand sanitiser to behind the counter and has not added bulk rice packs to their restriction list, limiting purchases to one per customer for packs of 2kg or above.


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