This is the level of petty I aim to be.

A woman in China has apparently sent a literal truck of onions to her ex to make him ‘cry’ as much as she has post-breakup.

Shandong Net, a Chinese publication, reported the story of Ms. Zhao bought 1 TONNE of onions, telling the delivery driver to pile them up at the recipient’s door without telling them. 

She left a note on top of the pile that read “ I cried for 3 days, now you should cry!”

Which is just icing on this onion cake.

Image Credit: Shandong Net

Zhao was apparently heartbroken after being broken up with by said ex-boyfriend and declared she cannot be the only one crying in the aftermath.


What makes this even funnier is that a reporter contacted the ex-boyfriend in question and he said that it’s BECAUSE of his ex-girlfriend’s behaviour that he was too scared to break up.

Image Credit: Shandong Net


I feel so bad for him and his poor neighbours.

They now have to deal with a tonne of rotting onions.

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