A debate has broken out over a mums school lunch boxes.

The generous lunchboxes have been debated in an Australian Facebook group with some saying she was spending too much on food and others saying others need to feed their kids more.

The mum makes two different sets of lunches for her kids, aged 6, 9, 11 and 15. The younger children get veggie sticks, sandwiches, fruit salads, little lamingtons, chocolates biscuits, Nutella and another snack like a Lunchable, or a Rollup.

The big kids get veggie sticks, fruit salad, sandwiches and Nutella, as well as a packet of Grain Waves, pretzels, a Cake Bar, some salami and twiggy sticks and Tiny Teddies.

The mum went on to say that the kids usually finish their lunches and it costs about $4 a day per child, totalling $80 a week.

“We have no food restrictions at school, they encourage nuts/eggs etc. as healthy eating. If there were children who were allergic I would immediately stop sending those types of food,” she said.


Other parents quickly jumped in saying hey “couldn’t imagine” serving that amount to their kids each day, with one even calling the kids “spoiled”.

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