Activewear brand Lorna Jane is being slammed for its new range of ‘anti-virus’ clothing, which claims to use “LJ Shield exclusive technology… that when applied to activewear, protects wearers against viruses and bacteria.”

The website states, “LJ Shield breaks through the membrane shell of any toxic diseases, bacteria or germs that come into contact with it, not only killing that microbe but preventing it from multiplying into anymore.

“Any bacteria that comes in contact with the fabric is terminated when it comes in touch with the LJ Shield particles.”

In an interview with ABC, RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon called the claims ‘false’ and ‘misleading’.

“If you spray their product onto any fabric and expect that it will act as a ‘shield of protection’ for you by breaking through the ‘membrane shell of any toxic diseases’ I have some bad news for you — this will not happen. The only thing that will be ‘terminated’ by the ‘shield particles’ is the money in your bank account,” he told the publication.

He added, “I suspect Lorna Jane is cynically trying to exploit fears concerning the COVID-19 pandemic to sell clothes.”


(Source: ABC)

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