This is the type of news we all want to see, humans doing ridiculous things because they can!

We’re constantly stretching the realms of possibility even though sometimes…we REALLY don’t need to!

This Turkish paragliding instructor has taken the term ‘couch potato’ to new heights and it’s honestly inspirational.

Hasan Kaval, for reasons inconceivable, attached his couch, lamp, foot stool and television to a paraglider and took to the skies.

Kaval, obviously an insane man and adrenaline junkie, said he had been dreaming of the stunts for many years and I guess the global pandemic was when the time felt right.

He told LadBible“I wasn’t scared, my friends trusted me. It was fine…I felt so good and relaxed.”

Well, Hasan, to each their own but not even strapping yourself to the couch is CRAZY SIR!


He has uploaded his experience to youtube and you can watch the full video below!

Now excuse me while I vomit from the vertigo it induced. 

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