We’ve all been there. Returning to the car to find that we probably should have put more money in the meter when we thought about it the third time.

Then when you arrive back at your car to find a parking ticket, immediately beginning to formulate reasons to not pay.

“I was at visiting my sick mum, I was stuck in a lift,” we’ve thought of all of them, but declaring independence from society has never been one that crossed our mind.

A South Australian man who contested his parking ticket citing the defence that he was a “free spirit man” has lost his year-long legal battle.

The motorist told SA’s Supreme Court that he is lives free from law and government, the ABC reports.

He also argued that displaying a sign that stated: “notice: private property, no trespassing” on his vehicle meant that parking inspectors did not have permission to place tickets on his windscreen.

Dismissing the case, the Supreme Court Justice labelled the argument “legal nonsense” and an “unnecessary waste of scarce public and judicial resources.”


By attempting to contest the ticket, the motorist’s fines have escalated to over $2,000 in fines and fees.

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