Umm…we’re not sure if we’ve peaked as a society or if we’ve just reached rock bottom.

It doesn’t matter either way, because just LOOK at this product that has popped up at Kmart.

Our favourite discount department store is now slinging Pet Gumboots just in time for the winter months, so now your prissy dog or fussy cat no longer needs to get their paws wet when they venture outside.

What a time to be alive (as a cat).

The gum boots come in three sizes with an easy-to-use fastener to keep those bad boys on.

Kmart fans have taken to Facebook to share their love for the products already too, with one shopper writing that her “girls absolutely loved them”.

Others pointed out that their dogs needs them to keep them from tracking mud back inside the house throughout winter.


Now, we can really imagine our cats really enjoying having little shoes strapped to their feet, but does that mean we’re not going to buy it and give it a try? No, of course not.

You can find the pet gum boots at Kmart for $7 right now. Happy Easter, mittens!

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